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Welcome Back

Playmaker Football was my favorite football simulation under DOS.  Glad to see you have picked up the banner!

Brian Brinkmann
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Re: Welcome Back

Thank you very much.  Actually, the program has has a continuous line of development since it's inception in 1985.  Only the publisher has changed: from 1989-1994 it was Broderbund; since then, it has been PlayMaker Software.

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Re: Welcome Back

As TonyTiger mentioned, Playmaker was the best football simulation under DOS. I was absolutely [b]THRILLED[/b] to recently discover the software has had a continued following with improvements along the way. Hope to see some of the cool Mac utilities and features (e.g. instant replay and customizable helmets and players) make it over to Windows at some point.

Keep up the great work on such a wonderful program.

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